Zerene Settings

Zerene Stacker is used to create the composites that are stitched into the final image.

Zerene Stacker settings CAN be saved and the "standard" settings which we ship on a new system are available in the C:/GIGAmacro/ folder of your system.

To load the settings, start Zerene and choose Options>Preferences. On the lower right of the Options>Preferences box, click on 'Load', and navigate to your preferences file.

The default Preference settings are saved in The GIGAmacro/Settings folder on your computer. When selected, click 'Open' and the default preferences are loaded; click 'Apply' and then 'OK'

If you experiment with settings, or have more than one file for settings, these can be saved via the Options>Preferences dialog box.

If you save your own settings, e.g. to produce a depth-map as well as an optical image set, be sure to save the file with a meaningful and NEW filename, otherwise you may overwrite the default file.

Date: 2017-10-19